Edible roses

Edible roses, a feast for the eye and your taste buds!

It’s time to look at roses from a whole new perspective! Many people know roses for the beauty of their flowers. They are beautiful in a vase or in the garden. At the same time, roses have been cultivated for thousands of years for their nutritious, medicinal and cosmetic properties. Rose hips are used to make jams, while petals are used for teas, salads, various confectionery, vinegar, sauces, and spices. Chemical analyzes have even shown that certain rose varieties have a higher nutritional value than some common fruits and vegetables. They are full of substances beneficial to human health such as vitamin C, antioxidants, sugars, proteins, lipids, tannins, pectins, amino acids and essential oils.
Rose breeder PhenoGenoRoses has invested a lot of time and effort in research and testing to get the best out of roses. The edible varieties have improved nutritional and organoleptic properties and can even rival high-quality fruits such as blueberries.
Incredibleroses® has extensively tested these edible rose varieties in her Dutch greenhouse. The most important criteria was the possibility to grow the roses completely organically. In addition, an assortment of different scents and flavours has been formulated to provide the best possible taste and texture. The chosen varieties offer an abundance of delicious and delicate flowers to use in dishes and to enjoy in your garden, balcony or kitchen. Below you will find the different varieties, varying in color, size, shape and aroma.

Different edible roses

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