Incredible Roses, cultivated in The Netherlands

Edible roses can be grown in large pots (P13 to 6 litre pot) and reach a height of between 40-80 cm. Grow them outside in a container field or in a cold greenhouse. We provide strong and healthy young plants for a good start in the cultivation of edible rose plants.

You can count on:
• Strong, vigorous plants in paper plug 24 or 40 tray 
The young plants are at least 3 months old and pruned twice

• Carefully selected fragrant and tasty varieties

• Good loading for transport

We support you with a grower manual, plant labels, social media and in-store product placement to ensure that you can be as successful as possible in introducing Incredibleroses® to your customers!

Are you looking for mature edible rose plants? Please contact us and we will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

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