Edible roses

Edible roses, a feast for the eye and your taste buds!

Edible roses, you have never tasted anything like it!

Everyone knows roses. They are beautiful for in a vase or in the garden. But not everyone knows that these romantic flowers also taste great! Edible roses are specially grown for taste, so don’t confuse them with roses at the florist. Edible roses can be used in dishes in various ways. Whole roses or rose petals to garnish a beautiful dish, but the rose syrup can also be used in various ways. The delicate rose scent with a soft-sweet taste and a hint of lemon go perfectly with cakes, desserts, but are also a delicious addition to cocktails, for example.

Organic edible roses

We only work with the best roses. For example, all Incredibleroses cultivated roses have been extensively tested in the Dutch greenhouse. All our roses are grown completely organically. This means that our roses are not sprayed with chemicals. To only offer the best roses, we work closely with rose breeders who invest a lot of time and effort in research and testing to get the best out of roses. The edible varieties have improved nutritional properties and even a higher nutritional value than some vegetables and fruits. Edible roses can outperform even high-quality fruits such as blueberries. Our roses contain more antioxidants and vitamin C than the blueberry, nutrients for which the blueberry is known.

Taste and smell

All our edible rose varieties are specially cultivated for taste and aroma to provide the best possible taste and texture. Many flowers are edible, but not necessarily tasty. They look nice, but have a neutral taste. This was also one of the reasons for Willianne to look for the perfect combination of taste, smell and appearance. And she found it. Currently the range consists of 8 different edible roses. These varieties differ in color, texture, size and of course in taste, ranging from fresh to sweet. Currently her favorite is the Incredible Fruity. This one tastes like raspberry! But are you a fan of candy? Then try the Incredible Creamy or the Incredible Lemon. Below are all eight types that Incredibleroses, we have a suitable rose for every taste!

Different edible roses

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