Surprise your guests with the taste of incredible roses!

As a retailer, wholesaler or catering entrepreneur you naturally want to surprise your customers. So you are always looking for special products that tempt you to purchase and consume. Edible roses bring romance to your assortment. They are a tasty addition to salads or dishes as a natural flavor and color maker.

Our roses are organically grown.

We only use natural crop protection agents that are permitted in organic food production. All products meet food safety requirements and are extensively tested before sale. For this we have the Global Gap Fruit & Vegetables certificate and SKAL certificate.

From our own nursery

All products come from our own nursery. The roses are harvested in the early morning when the flavor level is at its highest. They are immediately refrigerated, packed and shipped in EPS boxes with icepacks.

No. 1 in edible roses

The fragrance and flavor roses from Incredible Roses are unique in the Netherlands and are now also available in other countries in Europe.

Product range

Fresh roses

Fragrant & tasty roses, 4 large roses in 2-4 colors, to flavor your dish.Packed in a resealable PET tray with label.

Edible decoration roses, 10-12 small colorful edible roses. Perfect for decoration. Packed in a resealable PET shell with label.

The roses are available in bulk packaging. Ask us about the possibilities.

Rose products

Rose chutney. Glass jar, 100 ml.
Rose syrup. Glass bottle, 250 ml.
Dried rose petals. Resealable shell, 10 grams.
Decorate endlessly!

Edible roses are attractive for the festive days. Incredible roses grow in the greenhouse, so you can offer them fresh all year round. Incredible roses give a special fragrance, color and taste accent to your event. They make an anniversary, company party or wedding unforgettable.

Season your assortment with Incredible roses! Intense aroma and flavor maker! Are you curious and would you like to receive a sample package? Incredible roses are available all year round. We would be pleased to inform you about the possibilities!

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