Incredible roses give taste and color to your dishes!

Unique edible roses

Incredible Roses are not only incredibly beautiful; each variety also has its own and characteristic taste. The edible roses from Incredible Roses have been extensively tested and selected with great care. You not only brighten up your daily menu with our amazing roses; because they are full of vitamins and anti-oxidants, it is also a valuable addition to your menu. Curious about which edible roses we have? Scroll down to find out. Incredible Roses come from our own Dutch greenhouses where we also produce young rose plants for other growers. You can find these plants online and in garden centers in the Netherlands and Europe. This way you can also enjoy an edible rose plant on your terrace, balcony or in the garden! Curious about our rose plants? Have a look in our webshop.

Incredible roses are an intense aroma and flavour enhancer in dishes, drinks and desserts.

Each rose has its own flavour and taste. Do you want to know which rose is best for your dish? Be inspired by our recipes!

Surprisingly different and delicious, this is what our Incredible Roses are.

Decorate endlessly with rose petals because one rose contains between 30-50 petals. Make your party, wedding or anniversary unforgettable with these fragrant and tasteful roses. Let us know your ideas and we are happy to think along with you about the most suitable rose!

Incredible Roses in your own kitchen or garden.

Choose from our wonderfully scented rose plants for your balcony or terrace. Or plant it in your garden. Enjoy AND harvest as many fresh edible roses as you want. Want to know which plant fits best in your garden? We are happy to advise you!

Incredible Sweet

Tempura with rose | burrata mousse | rose gel | radish | fresh rose leaf

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Incredible Juicy

Rose espuma | parsnip cake | black currant red pepper yellow | curd | gingerbread | rose leaf | caramelized walnut

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Incredible Creamy

Celery and rose bavarois | home smoked salmon | pickles with rose | lime gel | fresh rose leaf | cress | quinoa crispy

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incredible roses?

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